Sylvana Dagostini

Sylvana Dagostini

I have always been fascinated with everything to do with wine.

One evening while having dinner at a favourite Italian restaurant, my attention was drawn to a particular wine we were enjoying with dinner. This wine stood out so much that I immediately began a search to buy more of it for myself. Happily, I discovered the source of the wine and with it an industry in dire need of online business support.

With the combination of my WSET Certification, extensive administrative and online business experience I was able to offer the wine industry a specialized expertise that translates directly into business growth and increased revenue for my clients.

I have always been an advocate of the effectiveness of working ‘outside’ of the traditional office environment. Now that Covid 19 has brought this fact into greater focus, many businesses are realizing that with changes in technology use, they can re-structure their models & processes, save money on unnecessary office space and increase the value of their business by utilizing the talents of people around the world.

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