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How To Spend Less Time on Social Media

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An online business presence is an essential component of your marketing strategy regardless of your industry. Social Media is an important piece of your online presence.

With 3 billion internet users and more than 2 billion of them engaged with some form of social media it just makes sense to have your social platforms in place and working for your business, generating brand awareness through engagement.

Social Media Sharing

(See this great article from Duct Tape Marketing on creating a strong online presence.)

But let’s face it – Social Media takes time. For business owners it takes up valuable time you could be spending on higher priority tasks. Social Media involves an initial and ongoing learning curve and there is value in being engaged in your strategy and following your plan as it happens.

The secret is that you don’t have to do it ALL yourself. Have your Virtual Assistant take care of it. They don’t have to be an expert at Social Media – are you? Probably not. However, you can delegate all your social media scheduling and posting to your VA, taking an hour or two off your hands. (See my  Services Page and my post on How a Virtual Assistant can Save (Make) You Money).

Hour 25 Virtual Assistance

What about engagement? Do you want to be personally involved with your public? Your VA can check your accounts regularly for feedback and either respond to comments on your behalf or forward them to you in one easy report so you can deal with them all at once.

Haven’t built your social presence yet? Not sure what platforms to use? Talk to your VA about this. Many VA’s have more experience with social media than you might realize and may have a separate Social Media Marketing service they can wrap into your own service package. If the scope of what you would like implemented falls outside of their skill set they can let you know and quite possibly refer you to someone that can provide the services you need.

A Virtual Assistant can also source information on anything you might be interested in pursuing such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Company Pages, creating Live Video content, new platform features etc. to see if it’s right for your business and how to approach it.

Social Media Marketing can require an extensive knowledge base – it’s not just about tweeting event notices or product offers and running the odd Facebook Ad – but if you’re a small business that needs to get an online presence established and/or you need help with maintaining your presence to free up some of your time, a Virtual Assistant can fill that gap for you, keep your presence relevant and consistent without getting complicated.

A Virtual Assistant Gives You Back Your TimeIf you’re frustrated with spending time on Social Media tasks and need someone to take control, organize your presence and keep it consistent, reach out and get some help. For a couple of hours a week (the time is specified by you and your budget) by delegating these tasks to your VA, you can rest easy knowing your business is:


  • accurately and consistently represented through your social media channels;
  • directing customers back to your website;
  • improving your online presence; and
  • Ultimately adding to your revenue.

That’s why we’re in business in the first place isn’t it?

If you need help with your Social Media or are overwhelmed with online administrative tasks, or are simply curious about what a Virtual Assistant (aka Online Business Service Provider) can do for your business please contact me for a free consultation.


Here are a couple of resources with great information to help you:

Duct Tape Marketing: Creating a Strong Online Marketing Success

Social Media Examiner – excellent resource for anything and everything social media.

Hootsuite: How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan in 6 Easy Steps

Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs for 2017  (Agora Pulse, Buffer Social etc.)

Fast Company – 10 Surprising Social Media Statistics that will Make you Rethink your Social Media Strategy



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How To Disconnect from a Connection on LinkedIn

This may be old news to a lot of you, but it’s recently come to my attention via a contact in my network being sent email marketing as ‘messages’ only because they are connected through LinkedIn. This of course is illegal (CAN SPAM) and really, it’s also just inappropriate for the LinkedIn platform and unprofessional.

So, I myself had this happen to me in the past couple of months, from the same person and just haven’t really had time to look into it further. But today, I took the time to Google the solution and thought I’d share it with you.

Here’s how to disconnect from a connection:

  1. Go to their profile.
  2. Click the … to the right of their profile picture name;
  3. The dropdown menu will give you both an option to Disconnect and also to UnFollow if necessary.

That’s it.

Whether you want to let the person know why you’re disconnecting is of course up to you – it would be helpful to them but be warned, they may not take it that way. My connection that had this experience, informed the individual that their behaviour was inappropriate but was then targeted with angry messages from this person after the fact. So in this case being helpful could backfire on you.

I hope this helps anyone that has run into this situation. Have a wonderful day!