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What do you need done in order to have more time to focus on growing your business? 

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I provide a range of services and work with you to customize them to your particular business needs – whether it’s Customer Support, Email Marketing, Social Media, eCommerce, WordPress and virtually any type of administrative task.

It’s all up to you – you can start with a small hourly package or sign up for a term specific, monthly retainer. Either way I’m positive you’ll be immensely satisfied with the results because I provide professional, quality support and am great to work with!

Not every business is at the stage where they are ready for a full time Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist or eCommerce Operations Specialist. But what if you could access a combination of these along with administrative expertise? Customized service and/or support can make that a reality.

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Here’s how it works:

Let’s Talk: We start with a no charge, no obligation 30 minute Skype or Google Hangouts meeting. We’ll discuss your expectations and requirements and format an initial service plan.

Let’s Start: After we’ve finalized your service plan, we sign Hour 25 Virtual Solutions’s standard business service agreement and get to work.

That’s it!

I’ve constructed a list below to give you an idea of just some of the tasks and functions that can be built into a package, however this list is not exhaustive and if you do not see something you need don’t worry – we can discuss it and add it into your package.

Wine Industry Specific:

  • Regular Inventory product & pricing updates;
  • Newsletter/Product Offer creation & distribution;
  • BCLDB: various form submissions, formatting, e filing, etc.;
  • Product order processing;
  • WordPress website updating & changes;
  • Website & Product content creation;
  • BCLDB, AGLC, Liquor Connect, Hillebrand Westlink, JF Hillebrand etc. trade site tasks;
  • Sales & Marketing portfolio support – sales & tech sheets, special projects;
  • Various Administrative: SKU bar code generation, invoicing filing, email tracking, organization & forwarding etc.

General Marketing & Social Media:

• Email Marketing: Producer/Supplier/Product Research, Newsletter Content Creation, Graphics Creation, SEO, etc.
• Social Media Services: Planning, Profile setup and management, WordPress plugin integration, maintenance services.
• WordPress: Website Maintenance Services, WordPress Website Creation, Blog Support.
• Blog Support: research, content creation, formatting and posting to website and social media.

General Administrative:

• Customer Service Support: facilitating customer interaction, orders, meeting booking and follow up.
CRM/Contact Management: creating, updating & maintaining database information, reporting.
• Email Management: organize emails into folders, monitor accounts and redirect as necessary.
• Electronic File Organization: creation & organization of document storage/sharing systems.
• Scheduling and Calendar Management: set up and confirm appointments and meetings.
• Online Research: perform subject or data research and compile results.
• Expense Reconciliation: collating and categorizing all receipts into Excel spreadsheets for reimbursement or tax submission.
• Word Processing: reports, resume’s, formalize notes, meeting minutes etc.
• Proofreading: review and edit documents and make recommendations.
• Travel Planning: book travel details including airline reservations, hotels, car rental, area
maps/amenities etc. and package it with relevant travel contact information into one itinerary document.



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